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  • Ten Years in Operation
  • Thousands of Clients Helped
  • Hundreds of Millions in Tax Issues resolved
  • More Than 100% Money Back Guarantee (plus $200 out of our pockets and we finish case free)
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On YOUR Side!

Core Values: Accelerated Tax Solutions knows that dealing with the IRS is both very scary and very frustrating and it’s hard to come off the winner.

Our tax analysts, advocates, strategists, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Ex IRS agents, tax attorneys, and particularly our owners take pride in leading the charge to make the tax resolution (scarred by a few bad eggs) industry honest and upright!

As cliche as it might sound, it is 100 percent true that you and your needs will always be given first place by every member of our tax team.

From the minute someone walks in the door here it is drilled home to them that they must be committed to you, to finding the best possible way to help you. If someone isn’t interested in doing that they won’t work here. That’s why we can promise you that your tax problems will be resolved in the same they would be if it were one of our family members that were being bullied by the IRS.

Your rights as a citizen and a taxpayer will be doggedly protected and defended so the IRS doesn’t take advantage of you.

You have the right to know exactly where you stand with the IRS. So once our attorneys have made a detailed analysis of your situation your options will be explained to you so you can make the best choice of how your tax problems handled depending on your circumstances. (Sometimes it’s obvious but not always.)


A+ BBB Rating: By focusing on your and our other clients complete satisfaction we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This so even after having helped thousands of clients and after having resolved 100s of millions of dollars in tax debt.


Industry Leading Guarantee: You are protected by the absolute best guarantee in the industry! Either you get the best resolution to your tax situation or you’ll get you 100% of your money back, $200 out of our pockets and your case will be finished for free. You will not find this anywhere else!

The IRS is by far the most powerful collection agency in The United States. They have the power to drain your bank account dry, garnish up to 100% of wages (if you are self employed) put a lien on everything else you own and even though they don’t do it often, they can put you in jail.

Many of the State taxing agencies are very aggressive too.

Taking on the IRS and State taxing agencies on alone is in most cases not the wise thing to do. They are trained to and experienced in getting the most money out of you as possible. Having experienced help on your side can allow you to come off the winner getting the best possible resolution to your tax problem.

If this is how you would like to be treated why not give us a call at 844-882-8490 now or fill out the form and we’ll contact you immediately during business hours.

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